College-My Thoughts

Is college necessary for everyone? Is college worth the investment? Ideas like this may be flowing through the heads of many college students paying thousands of dollars out of pocket or taking out loans and digging a hole for themselves. Many students go into college unable to financially afford it. Other students assume their parents will pay for there college education. As such, they become financially dependent on their parents, as if they had never left the house. Parents who provide every little thing for their child teaches them nothing of independence or money management. Friends of mine have every little thing, from their cell phone bill to their gas to their clothes, paid for by their parents. It is ridiculous nowadays, as children are even more dependent on their parents than ever. This is why everyone is going bankrupt or living off government-issued money…

Please excuse my tangent. College is supposed to prepare our youth for future positions, but does it do so adequately? Are students just flushing money down the toilet to take classes they will eventually never use? Many students jump into college with no idea of their future positons. I, myself, just picked a major that I was somewhat interested in. I have no idea what subfield in this major I would like to study, or even if I would like to continue on this path. As such, is it smart for kids to right from high school to college? Likely not.



I propose that we as a society encourage youth to find out what they love to do via internships or other volunteer work. This will allow them to get a grasp on what they are interested in or what they want to do for their life. They can then tailor their college experience around the field they would like to pursue. It is my belief that high school students should take a year off before they begin their college experience.



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One thought on “College-My Thoughts

  1. Very interesting. I agree most college student aren’t financially independent. Most people don’t get jobs while they’re taking classes because they’re focused on school. I like the idea of having people do internships and volunteer work in order to find what they love to do.


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