Cars- A Blessing and a Curse

Cars are perhaps the greatest innovation of our time. They provide us quick transportation at an affordable rate. They have essentially revolutionized the concept of individual transportation. They are great…when they work. When they do not, they end up costing the owner thousands of their hard earned dollars, as well as hours of their time. Not to mention the inconvenience it causes when they do break down. Owners have an expectation that their car will get them wherever they need to be without any issues. Issues do happen, most of the time without warning. I had to deal with one of these issues this past weekend.

I was on my way home one day and I had just pulled into my driveway when I smelled a burnt rubber smell coming from underneath my hood. Naturally, I popped the hood and began to investigate. A small curl of smoke was coming from the AC compressor, which even in a novice mechanic’s eyes is a sign that something is wrong. Two seconds later, my serpentine belt snapped. Its a miracle that the belt didn’t snap as I was driving home, as I would have lost power steering, among other things. Anyway, I went out to purchase a new $40 belt and carried on my way.



Later that weekend, the same smell kept appearing, so I invited one of my friends to help check out the problem. It turned out that my car probably had a bad water pump. We replaced the pump, slapped the new belt on, and I assumed everything was okay. It wasn’t. I was still having the same issues as before.

Monday rolls around and I attempt to drive my car to the mechanic 10 miles down the road. I made it 5 of those 10 before smoke began curling out from under my hood. Thankfully I pulled off to the side of the road before my belt snapped. Again. This time I had nowhere to go, so I called a tow company, and had them tow my car to the mechanic. The issue? Bad AC compressor. The compressor in the car was less than a year old. Just my luck.



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