Dogs are quite the interesting creature, if you think about it. Dogs, cats, any pets, really. How did we as a human race decide one day that we would bring these animals inside and keep them. I’m sure that at one point these animals were not held as pets. For that matter, I would reckon that the human race had no pets at one point. Did a human end up walking around in a field, see a dog, and think, “That thing over there growling at me looks cute. I’m going to take it home with me.” Likely. Anyways, I had never grown up with any pets. My mom was allergic to pet fur, so she was only able to be exposed to hairless cats or dogs with hair and not fur. I, like her, also had an acute allergy to pets, although I could stand being in the same room with them for short periods of time without any side effects.



Here in Florida, my aunt owns two dogs, both of which are not hypoallergenic. When I first moved in, I had a stuffy nose almost every day, sneezing regularly. I was forced to take an allergy pill to help soothe the reaction. Now, I have no reaction to the dogs whatsoever. I guess my body has adapted to the hair, and I no longer have any symptoms. I would hate having to take an allergy pill every day just to live at home, but I am glad that is not the case.

I am curious to know where dogs came from. Did they evolve from some species of lion? Perhaps. I am really enjoying my life with these two new dogs. They are like little people that can’t talk and pee on the rug (twice)(in my room:/). Have you had any experience with dogs? Comment below!



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3 thoughts on “Dogs

  1. I love dogs. I laterally every time I see a dog on the street I pet it. I love dogs. I used to have a dog also, that is why my love for them, but he die like 1 year ago. I want to get another dog, but right now I do not think I am going to be able to afford it. I was allergic too, but as you said my body got used to it. I agree completely when you say that they are like little humans. I just cannot stop laughing about your theory about how humans decided to adopt the first dog.

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