Essays. So Many Essays.

Essays. What else do I have to say. Nobody likes to write essays, yet it appears that every teacher likes to read them! Back when I was in high school, I actually ENJOYED writing research papers. I only had one or two due per year, so it was enjoyable to research a topic and then prove your points based on the information you find. It was a very informative experience. Now in college, however, essays are frequent. Every class wants you to write an essay. In math, you write an essay every time you write a damn equation. Literally every class expects you to write in some way. My Honors Humanities class has me writing one essay every week. ONE ESSAY PER WEEK. WHAT. On top of that it is required that I attend three out-of-class events and write essays on each one, and complete 3 “Good Life Projects”. So technically I have 13 essays, 3 out of class events, and 3 projects in the semester. This leaves me around, what, one essay/project per week? Just for one class?



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Wouldn’t it be cool to use a pen like this?



On top of that, English sees me writing an essay at least once per month. My English assignments that aren’t essays are typically 6 or 7 pages in length, so they take almost as much time as writing an essay. I have been grinding recently and have finished 6 of the 10 normal essays in my Honors Humanities class and have taken notes in preparation for the 7th. I have attended one out of class event and written the 6 page essay on that. I have not done any of the “Good Life Projects” yet. November is about to be crazy. 4 normal essays, 3 projects, and 2 out-of-class events with essays. Kill me now.



I don’t think I realize just how screwed I am. I guess I will find out at the end of November :'(.

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2 thoughts on “Essays. So Many Essays.

  1. We are all in some deep shit my friend. I never had much fun writing, I enjoy things like math and numbers more, but this class just shows me that there are some styles of writing that are specific beyond my comprehension making writing just that much more difficult for me.


  2. I don;t even know how to handle all the essays in college. I have a 10 page research paper due in two weeks that I haven’t even started on!! I don’t know how to manage my time. One essay a week? Thats extensive. Are they 2-3 pages or are they longer?


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