The Most Recent Dallas Game

Blog post week twelve begins now. I am currently in the writing lab after finishing a peer review early, so I have elected to begin writing this blog to get ahead of the game. I am glad that I am finishing this up early, yet at the same time I am done writing. Pages on pages on pages. I don’t think that I have written this much in my entire time in high school. Perhaps I will write about football. Yes, that sounds like a good idea.

The Dallas Cowboys are my favorite NFL team, and they just recently beat the Philadelphia Eagles last Sunday in overtime. It was quite the game. We were down by 10 in the fourth quarter with only a few minutes left. Our rookie quarterback, Dak Prescott, led our team back to tie with only a minute remaining. We had a chance to end the game right then and there, but the Eagles made a clutch play and sacked our quarterback for a huge loss. This lead us into overtime.

Image result for dallas cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys have long been considered ‘America’s Team’.

We won the toss in overtime, and elected to receive. This lead us to our game winning touchdown to Jason Witten, the final score being 23-29. We are now 6-1, and are two games up in our division.

Most recently, there has been a controversy about which quarterback will start once our veteran, Tony Romo, is healthy. If you did not know, Romo injured his back on the first play of the regular season. He has been out ever since. Since Romo was injured, Dak, a rookie, has filled his shoes well and has become one of the best rookies to ever play. He has had an outbreak season, throwing only two interceptions so far. I wonder what Jerry Jones, the Cowboys owner, will elect to do once Romo is healthy. Will they keep the rookie Prescott in the huddle, or will they elect to continue with the 14 year veteran star?

Image result for romo or prescott

Romo or Prescott. Which will Jerry decide?

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