I’m Headed to CT

I recently received some good news about my trip to Connecticut to see my family and friends. Originally, I was slotted to head up there December 19. This would leave me only around 13 days or so with my family and friends, as I would be forced to head back New Years Day. However, I now have received my schedule for my finals, and it turns out that my English final has been replaced by an alternate assignment. This leaves one final to take, and it occurs on December 6 at 8 am. Theoretically, I am completely done with school at 10am on that day! I will be headed to CT the following day.

Although I may be arriving in CT a bit early, the majority of my friends will not be out of college yet. Connecticut schools run on a bit of a different time schedule than here in Florida. School starts much later for them, and as a result, their break starts much later. However, I also plan on trying to find employment at my old job where I have quite a few connections for the time I am there. This will fill the time when I am bored or have nothing else to do and will put a little extra cash in my pocket.

I am excited to see my family and friends. It has been almost 5 months since I last saw them. Coming back to my old home will also be a bit different. Everything is going to seem so familiar, yet so odd because I no longer live there. However, I wish to make the most of my time there, as I only have around a month before I have to head back. Remind me to pack my jackets. Connecticut in December is not a place you want to be!

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