Blogging and the Future

Who writes a blog about blogging? Well, I do. Blogging has definitely been something different than what I have been used to. However, writing about whatever has come to mind really has not been that grueling of a task. It does take some time, but the more one writes, the more they become better at it. Even if it is an informal task like a blog post. I have always considered myself a pretty decent writer, and writing blog posts has allowed me to work on my grammar and mechanics. Isn’t that what English class is all about?



I am going to miss this class, mainly because of the individuals in it. The group is really fun and gets along well. The vast majority of my other classes are not like this. Nobody talks to one another. It is like everyone is antisocial. Odd right? Plus, although my professor gave lots of work and papers, she was a good teacher and provided students with the opportunities to be successful. Even if there were always one or two directions that everyone forgot about and thus lost 5 points on. At  least next time or in the next class you will remember to read and follow the directions!

I will be taking technical communications next semester, so I have no idea what to expect from that class. All I know is that it is required for my major. I have to take it. I have actually been considering changing my major, as I have never been a fantastic math student. Engineering is quite the math-heavy major. Math and physics. I would much rather find something that has more of an English weight. I am pretty good at writing papers and scientific reports. Time to start some of those career quizzes!

Word count: 306 words



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