Blogging and the Future

Who writes a blog about blogging? Well, I do. Blogging has definitely been something different than what I have been used to. However, writing about whatever has come to mind really has not been that grueling of a task. It does take some time, but the more one writes, the more they become better at it. Even if it is an informal task like a blog post. I have always considered myself a pretty decent writer, and writing blog posts has allowed me to work on my grammar and mechanics. Isn’t that what English class is all about?



I am going to miss this class, mainly because of the individuals in it. The group is really fun and gets along well. The vast majority of my other classes are not like this. Nobody talks to one another. It is like everyone is antisocial. Odd right? Plus, although my professor gave lots of work and papers, she was a good teacher and provided students with the opportunities to be successful. Even if there were always one or two directions that everyone forgot about and thus lost 5 points on. At  least next time or in the next class you will remember to read and follow the directions!

I will be taking technical communications next semester, so I have no idea what to expect from that class. All I know is that it is required for my major. I have to take it. I have actually been considering changing my major, as I have never been a fantastic math student. Engineering is quite the math-heavy major. Math and physics. I would much rather find something that has more of an English weight. I am pretty good at writing papers and scientific reports. Time to start some of those career quizzes!

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I’m Headed to CT

I recently received some good news about my trip to Connecticut to see my family and friends. Originally, I was slotted to head up there December 19. This would leave me only around 13 days or so with my family and friends, as I would be forced to head back New Years Day. However, I now have received my schedule for my finals, and it turns out that my English final has been replaced by an alternate assignment. This leaves one final to take, and it occurs on December 6 at 8 am. Theoretically, I am completely done with school at 10am on that day! I will be headed to CT the following day.

Although I may be arriving in CT a bit early, the majority of my friends will not be out of college yet. Connecticut schools run on a bit of a different time schedule than here in Florida. School starts much later for them, and as a result, their break starts much later. However, I also plan on trying to find employment at my old job where I have quite a few connections for the time I am there. This will fill the time when I am bored or have nothing else to do and will put a little extra cash in my pocket.

I am excited to see my family and friends. It has been almost 5 months since I last saw them. Coming back to my old home will also be a bit different. Everything is going to seem so familiar, yet so odd because I no longer live there. However, I wish to make the most of my time there, as I only have around a month before I have to head back. Remind me to pack my jackets. Connecticut in December is not a place you want to be!

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The Most Recent Dallas Game

Blog post week twelve begins now. I am currently in the writing lab after finishing a peer review early, so I have elected to begin writing this blog to get ahead of the game. I am glad that I am finishing this up early, yet at the same time I am done writing. Pages on pages on pages. I don’t think that I have written this much in my entire time in high school. Perhaps I will write about football. Yes, that sounds like a good idea.

The Dallas Cowboys are my favorite NFL team, and they just recently beat the Philadelphia Eagles last Sunday in overtime. It was quite the game. We were down by 10 in the fourth quarter with only a few minutes left. Our rookie quarterback, Dak Prescott, led our team back to tie with only a minute remaining. We had a chance to end the game right then and there, but the Eagles made a clutch play and sacked our quarterback for a huge loss. This lead us into overtime.

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The Dallas Cowboys have long been considered ‘America’s Team’.

We won the toss in overtime, and elected to receive. This lead us to our game winning touchdown to Jason Witten, the final score being 23-29. We are now 6-1, and are two games up in our division.

Most recently, there has been a controversy about which quarterback will start once our veteran, Tony Romo, is healthy. If you did not know, Romo injured his back on the first play of the regular season. He has been out ever since. Since Romo was injured, Dak, a rookie, has filled his shoes well and has become one of the best rookies to ever play. He has had an outbreak season, throwing only two interceptions so far. I wonder what Jerry Jones, the Cowboys owner, will elect to do once Romo is healthy. Will they keep the rookie Prescott in the huddle, or will they elect to continue with the 14 year veteran star?

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Romo or Prescott. Which will Jerry decide?

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Essays. So Many Essays.

Essays. What else do I have to say. Nobody likes to write essays, yet it appears that every teacher likes to read them! Back when I was in high school, I actually ENJOYED writing research papers. I only had one or two due per year, so it was enjoyable to research a topic and then prove your points based on the information you find. It was a very informative experience. Now in college, however, essays are frequent. Every class wants you to write an essay. In math, you write an essay every time you write a damn equation. Literally every class expects you to write in some way. My Honors Humanities class has me writing one essay every week. ONE ESSAY PER WEEK. WHAT. On top of that it is required that I attend three out-of-class events and write essays on each one, and complete 3 “Good Life Projects”. So technically I have 13 essays, 3 out of class events, and 3 projects in the semester. This leaves me around, what, one essay/project per week? Just for one class?



Image result for essays

Wouldn’t it be cool to use a pen like this?



On top of that, English sees me writing an essay at least once per month. My English assignments that aren’t essays are typically 6 or 7 pages in length, so they take almost as much time as writing an essay. I have been grinding recently and have finished 6 of the 10 normal essays in my Honors Humanities class and have taken notes in preparation for the 7th. I have attended one out of class event and written the 6 page essay on that. I have not done any of the “Good Life Projects” yet. November is about to be crazy. 4 normal essays, 3 projects, and 2 out-of-class events with essays. Kill me now.



I don’t think I realize just how screwed I am. I guess I will find out at the end of November :'(.

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How (not) To Lead a Discussion

Yesterday I had to lead a humanities discussion with two other people from the class. We were assigned the topic of government. The professor provided four or five articles and videos for the entire class to watch and read. We would utilize these provided materials to base our discussion upon. Every class member was supposed to review these materials and come prepared to discuss the material. Now, there were a couple of groups that had lead discussions before mine. These groups did well, and the class participated. The group leaders had clearly prepared their topic, but they didn’t have to do much talking because the class was active. This was not the case for my group.

Our group had prepared around three pages worth of topics and questions to discuss with the class. We thought that this was overkill, but we figured it was better to be over-prepared than under-prepared. I went into this discussion feeling confident that our group would do well and everything would go as planned. It didn’t.

Nobody in the class wanted to participate. Nobody in the class watched any of the videos or did any of the readings. It appeared that nobody in the class had any feelings about the topic at hand. It got so bad that the group member that had asked the question had to answer his own question. Or the professor, who was supposed to just be an observer, had to become a primary audience member. Nobody wanted to participate. Occasionally, I had to answer questions that my group member asked. It was a grueling 75 minute discussion, but we got through it (thankfully). This was an honors class, so you would assume that classmates would come prepared and ready to discuss like they did for previous discussions. Clearly I was mistaken. One can take away one clear lesson from this, though.

Image result for not participating

This is what the discussion was like. My group on one side of the wall, and my classmates on the other.

Always over-prepare. It might just save you.

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Dogs are quite the interesting creature, if you think about it. Dogs, cats, any pets, really. How did we as a human race decide one day that we would bring these animals inside and keep them. I’m sure that at one point these animals were not held as pets. For that matter, I would reckon that the human race had no pets at one point. Did a human end up walking around in a field, see a dog, and think, “That thing over there growling at me looks cute. I’m going to take it home with me.” Likely. Anyways, I had never grown up with any pets. My mom was allergic to pet fur, so she was only able to be exposed to hairless cats or dogs with hair and not fur. I, like her, also had an acute allergy to pets, although I could stand being in the same room with them for short periods of time without any side effects.



Here in Florida, my aunt owns two dogs, both of which are not hypoallergenic. When I first moved in, I had a stuffy nose almost every day, sneezing regularly. I was forced to take an allergy pill to help soothe the reaction. Now, I have no reaction to the dogs whatsoever. I guess my body has adapted to the hair, and I no longer have any symptoms. I would hate having to take an allergy pill every day just to live at home, but I am glad that is not the case.

I am curious to know where dogs came from. Did they evolve from some species of lion? Perhaps. I am really enjoying my life with these two new dogs. They are like little people that can’t talk and pee on the rug (twice)(in my room:/). Have you had any experience with dogs? Comment below!



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Cars- A Blessing and a Curse

Cars are perhaps the greatest innovation of our time. They provide us quick transportation at an affordable rate. They have essentially revolutionized the concept of individual transportation. They are great…when they work. When they do not, they end up costing the owner thousands of their hard earned dollars, as well as hours of their time. Not to mention the inconvenience it causes when they do break down. Owners have an expectation that their car will get them wherever they need to be without any issues. Issues do happen, most of the time without warning. I had to deal with one of these issues this past weekend.

I was on my way home one day and I had just pulled into my driveway when I smelled a burnt rubber smell coming from underneath my hood. Naturally, I popped the hood and began to investigate. A small curl of smoke was coming from the AC compressor, which even in a novice mechanic’s eyes is a sign that something is wrong. Two seconds later, my serpentine belt snapped. Its a miracle that the belt didn’t snap as I was driving home, as I would have lost power steering, among other things. Anyway, I went out to purchase a new $40 belt and carried on my way.



Later that weekend, the same smell kept appearing, so I invited one of my friends to help check out the problem. It turned out that my car probably had a bad water pump. We replaced the pump, slapped the new belt on, and I assumed everything was okay. It wasn’t. I was still having the same issues as before.

Monday rolls around and I attempt to drive my car to the mechanic 10 miles down the road. I made it 5 of those 10 before smoke began curling out from under my hood. Thankfully I pulled off to the side of the road before my belt snapped. Again. This time I had nowhere to go, so I called a tow company, and had them tow my car to the mechanic. The issue? Bad AC compressor. The compressor in the car was less than a year old. Just my luck.



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